Wabash General Hospital Oncology & Hematology is dedicated to delivering the most advanced and high quality techniques in oncology and hematology care close to home. We are committed to maintaining a compassionate and responsive patient centered practice of care and realize that this specialty requires caring for the whole patient as well as the family.


- Lung cancer
- Breast cancer
- Gynecologic cancers
- Colon cancer
- Bladder cancer
- Kidney cancer
- Liver cancer
- Head & neck cancer
- Pancreatic cancer
- Skin cancer
- Other cancers


- Lymphoma
- Myeloma
- Anemia
- Other blood diseases/disorders

Additional Services

Along with providing medical oncology therapies, WGH Oncology & Hematology work together with other specialists including surgeons, radiation oncologists and primary care physicians to provide the best level of care for our patients. Additional services include:

- Immunotherapy
- Chemotherapy
- Monoclonal antibody therapy
- Infusion therapy
- Hydration therapy
- Blood transfusion
- Phlebotomy services
- Port maintenance care
- Iron therapy

A compassionate & friendly environment

In addition to ensuring a level of excellence and integrity, WGH Oncology & Hematology offers a very relaxed and friendly environment for care and treatment with a comfortable infusion area that is equipped with recliners, individual televisions, tablets for movie watchers, snacks and meals.

Wabash General Hospital Oncology & Hematology is privileged to serve you!

Office hours Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Phone: (618) 263-3700
Fax: (618) 263-3725