The mission of the Pharmacy Department is to provide quality pharmaceutical services ensuring positive patient outcomes in the most cost-effective way. Our vision is to provide excellence in pharmacy services, constantly striving for improvement.

- The preparation and dispensing of pharmaceuticals assures that the patient only receives the medications which are prescribed by the physician in the proper dose and at the proper frequency; and, all preparations prepared within the pharmacy meet guidelines for sterile preparation, proper labeling and storage.

- The monitoring of medication use precedes the preparation, distribution and dispensing of medications to prevent harm to the patient from duplicate therapies, allergies, potential drug/drug or drug/food interactions, or contraindications because of disease states. The monitoring function continues throughout the patient's stay to assure that dosing is appropriate with age, weight, sex, renal, and hepatic function.

- The pharmacist is available daily from 6:30 A.M to 3:00 P.M. Patients requiring a consultation may talk to their nurse who will arrange a time with the pharmacist.