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In 2010, for the first time in history, more medical doctors retired than new doctors completing their residency requirements. The bottom line to this fact is there are fewer doctors to fill more openings. Throw into this equation the reality of how difficult it is to bring new doctors into small communities like Mt. Carmel and you can see that many hospitals will be very hard-pressed to staff their facilities.

Wabash General Hospital started a program over twenty years ago to provide scholarships for deserving local students who were going into the healthcare field. Is it working? Well, yes it is! One of the first graduates that benefitted from a WGH scholarship was Julko Fullop. Dr. Julko Fullop has been our orthopaedic surgeon since 2005. There are over a dozen students that are currently receiving scholarship assistance from WGH, and when they graduate in their chosen healthcare field they will become members of the staff at Wabash General Hospital. We have several other hospital employees who have received scholarships from WGH in various healthcare fields that are currently working toward their goals.

Here is the bottom line to Wabash General Hospital surviving in the years ahead. We have to identify our areas' talented, young people with plans to become doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, physical therapists, lab technicians, etc. and bring them home after they finish their education. By providing scholarships to deserving people, we provide assistance in the cost of their education in exchange for being employed by Wabash General Hospital when they graduate.

Jay Purvis
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