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Ambulance Services

Our Approach
Through our ambulance service, highly-skilled emergency medicine professionals are ready to help the Wabash community at a moment’s notice. We provide 9-1-1 emergency response as well as transfers between health care facilities 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year.
Services Offered 
Wabash General Hospital Ambulance Service operates three ambulances. Our certification designates one Basic Life Support (BLS) and two Advanced Life Support (ALS) vehicles. A licensed EMT leads the BLS team while a licensed EMT-Paramedic leads the ALS ambulance team. Together, they can provide:
  • Contact information for specialized transportation (medical helicopter)
  • Emergency medical treatment at the scene of injury
  • Medical care and monitoring inside the ambulance
  • Scheduled transfers between health care facilities (i.e. to a specialty hospital for labor and delivery, mental health, severe trauma or stroke)
  • Transportation to Wabash General Hospital or the most appropriate medical facility
Paramedic Scholarship
Wabash General Hospital and Frontier Community College have partnered to bring students both classroom instruction and hands-on learning with state-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities. Wabash General Hospital will award a scholarship including:
  • full cost of tuition
  • text books
For more information, visit:
Wabash General Hospital Ambulance Services
1418 College Drive
Mount Carmel, IL 62863


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