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October 7 Medical Office Building Updates

The Medical Office Building has the roof on and the windows are being installed. Painting in Tact 1 will begin next week. In Tact 5, the construction crew continues to work on framing. By the first of November, they plan to have permanent power in the new building. In mid-November, elevator work will start.

In the cafeteria, demolition is taking place in the freezer and cooler area.
Next week, there will be some work on the main entrance with some of the finishing materials.

Starting next week at Orthopaedics, the EIFS work and installation of windows will begin. On October 18, part of the breakroom will be taken over for construction. The construction crew will also be working on the parking lot towards the end of the month.

Both new parking areas should be completed by the end of the month.

Case work is being set in Radiology and flooring will start next week.
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